I used to work for a reasonably well known national photographic retail shop as a Saturday boy. During the time i worked there, which lasted no longer than 20 months, the stock went from being 90% film to 90% digital.

The first customer catalogue I browsed through I passed over the SLR’s F5’s, EOS 1’s and then at the bottom of the next page on its own was a camera I recognised but hadn’t given much thought to. The Leica M7. After researching some more on these great looking cameras I loved its history where these cameras had come from and gone through, if fair to say, I wanted one. But, not the M7, I didn’t need this fancy aperture priority stuff. The M6 is what i wanted.

A good number of years after, i finally got myself a Leica M6ttl and this little page is my favourite shots from that beautiful camera.


FL-Leica-1 FL-Leica-2
FL-Leica-4 FL-Leica-5 FL-Leica-6
FL-Leica-9 FL-Leica-10 FL-Leica-11 FL-Leica-12 FL-Leica-13 FL-Leica-14 FL-Leica-15 FL-Leica-16 FL-Leica-18 FL-Leica-19 FL-Leica-20 FL-Leica-21 FL-Leica-23 FL-Leica-24 FL-Leica-25 FL-Leica-26 FL-Leica-27