The Light



I have been involved in a film competition ‘Enter The Pitch’ as their photographer since the creation of this great companion. Set up by the Bible Society, the competition asks film-makers to pitch a film idea which has originated from scripture.

The Light won in 2013, based on Acts and Paul’s conversion.


FL-UnitTheLight-1 FL-UnitTheLight-2 FL-UnitTheLight-3 FL-UnitTheLight-4 FL-UnitTheLight-5 FL-UnitTheLight-6 FL-UnitTheLight-7 FL-UnitTheLight-8 FL-UnitTheLight-9 FL-UnitTheLight-10 FL-UnitTheLight-11 FL-UnitTheLight-12 FL-UnitTheLight-13 FL-UnitTheLight-14&18 FL-UnitTheLight-15 FL-UnitTheLight-16 FL-UnitTheLight-17 FL-UnitTheLight-19&21 FL-UnitTheLight-20